Are you listening ?

Do you think you are a Good listener ? Or have you ever complimented any one that he or she is a good listener ? What an accolade !  Take a minute and think, of all the people you know in this lifetime how many of those are fit to be tagged as Good listeners... Continue Reading →

Keep Calm – An understatement?

In today’s world ‘Keep Calm’ is quite an understatement. The excessive usage of this phrase makes us take it for granted. For keeping calm is a big deal!! Well, if not for all then for most of us. We are full of restlessness, anxiety, self-doubt, that no matter how hard we try to cover it,... Continue Reading →

The Little Things…

In this fast pace world where each one of us is busy chasing our personal goals we are left with no time to ourselves, to even pause for minute, to catch a breath and to realize how wonderful the world is! It was long before when we used to sit and embrace the lives we... Continue Reading →

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