Are you listening ?

Do you think you are a Good listener ? Or have you ever complimented any one that he or she is a good listener ? What an accolade ! 

Take a minute and think, of all the people you know in this lifetime how many of those are fit to be tagged as Good listeners . For many of us, the count is very few. 

 Good listening is certainly a skill which is hard to find and even harder to master


Now the question is ‘Who is a good listener’ ?  Is it someone who lets you finish your sentences or someone who exhibits some amount of empathy towards you or someone who gives you some appropriate feedback while you’re talking. Well, it is surely all of this and much more. 

A good listener is some one who wont try to obstruct your thoughts, will let you express your self without narrowing or having any preconceived notions of where the conversation is headed. Person with that skill provides you with genuine feedback that he or she is following as you talk regardless the fact that he or she is in  agreement or a disagreement. Most importantly a person is a good listener if he or she is not necessarily waiting to respond or reply but is just giving you a platform to speak and let your thoughts out. 

If you are still thinking if you are a good listener, well here are a few things which may make you one ~

For starters, you demonstrate appropriate gestures when others are talking like nodding your head, looking at the person who is talking, etc. You have a natural ability to respond well to other’s emotional expressions . You have a fine understanding of pause, stop or abrupt swing of tone while others talk . You do not hold yourself while exhibiting your sensitivities towards other peoples thoughts, feeling and emotional outbursts. Pat your back if you relate to any of these mentioned above . Guess what, You seem to be a Good listener !


                                          “Listening often is the only ‘help’ needed”

The above holds true for most occasions, Listening eliminates significant problems and often facilitates solutions. Next time if someone is seeking an advice, or is complaining try to listen ~ you’d be surprised knowing you have helped the person already ! 

In this age of social media explosion, being able to listen or to find someone who listens are both of prime relevance. We have never needed this skill more than in today’s time when conversations have become very shallow. We often use justifications such as lack of time, which keeps us away from olden times type slow and long conversations. Well, ever wondered who will talk if there is no one to listen.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening  to what another has to say” ~ Bryant H McGill

Listening is just not important for others but for the self too. Listening enhances our learning and emotional understanding of self and others. It basically the fuel for sustaining any conversation. Next time when you are in conversation, try to ask yourself ‘are you listening ‘ ?

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  1. We always think ourselves to be a good listener. But author has given us a question mark ?? As well as counselled to develop qualities for really being a good listener. Thanks

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