Emotions- How you feel is how you act

Let us break it down, the bottom line is  ‘ Emotions ‘ drive our actions . So simple yet so complicated to comprehend that chemical changes in our brain are actually responsible for how we feel and that is what is driving our actions, they are responsible for what we do and why we do.


They often say, Love makes the world go around , ever wondered why ? Simply because, when you are in love the feelings which one goes through have an immense impact on pushing one out of limits, facilitate you go above and beyond .

Imagine when you aren’t feeling the best, you are either grumpy or sad will you be able to bring the best of you in whatever you usually do ? For someone who paints, will he be able to paint the best when he is feeling low? No, right. Same for someone who writes, draws, sings, teaches and the list goes on and on.  We all have witnessed that most of the masterpiece creations have had significant driving emotions behind.

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you ~ Robert Ebert

Here’s an experiment for those of you who write. Have you tried writing, by that I mean literally penning it down when you haven’t been in the best of your moods? If you have,did you notice how it impacts your choice of words or the handwriting.  If you haven’t,try it sometime. It is astonishing to discover these little mysteries and how subtle but significant impact they have on us

Change how you feel, to change how you act

The best aspect of all this is that emotions can be managed. It is not possible to be in happy state of mind at all times. Emotions are dynamic in nature. ( Thank God !) There are times when you feel that you are ruled by more than one emotion. For instance, on the wedding day one feels happy yet anxious or right before you take an adventurous rollercoster ride you may feel thrilled yet nervous.

Such amazing creations of nature we are,everything seems to have a reason. It falls so perfectly. Not just that, we do have the steering wheel to ourselves. Ever realized how for granted we take such things.

Emotions can rule us but only if we let them rule over. For a wise driver, keeping the basic controls of the car in your hand is the best policy. Knowing how you are feeling, realizing the need to gradually modify it, if need be and tapping the resource for bringing the optimum results in whatever you do is the key. We aren’t on the mercy of our emotions. We can utilize them for a fulfilling future.

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