Change ~ The only thing that is constant and inevitable

“The secret of Change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” ~ Socrates


Whether you are ready for it or not Change is an integral part of each one of our lives.  Change is something definitive, a sure factor which will either brush you softly or hit you hard but certainly push you to get out of your comfort zone. As someone very rightly said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.



For a bud which evolves and blooms into a flower or the child’s milestones from birth as neonate to an infant to an adolescent to an adult, nothing exempts the Law of Change. Even the celestial bodies constantly change their placement several times year.

For those of us who are brave to accept the possibilities change offers, exhibit caliber of adaptability, flexibility and accommodation as we transcend from the present to the future. For others who are afraid of it may not necessarily be defiant but simply afraid to knock on the new doors. It is also very likely that we may be ready to face the change on  one instance and the very next we may shut our eyes and look away.  However it is vital to remember that,“Old ways won’t open New Doors

‘Embrace the change’ ~ What does it imply?

  • Acceptance and bearing in mind that nothing remains the same forever and it should NOT!
  • Any change be it small or big very surely bring something good in return if not all, every experience makes you rich!
  • Positive approach will bring along better adaptability
  • Better adaptability means, more flexibility which will surely make you ‘better fit
  • New experiences trigger Growth.
  • Growth – not just externally but within is what makes you confident of your own self, ultimately a Better You!


Why do we fear Change?

Any change brings along the Social attributes and challenges – a new battle for acceptance, survival, sustainability and becoming a good fit! And most naturally we resist change. Have you ever wondered during team building events, how speakers engage you in games/ activities to jumble up your seating arrangements/order, to break your adhesion so that you could meet and greet new members, embrace new rounds of introductions, make new connections ultimately leading to growth. Of course it is not comfortable at all times but necessary? Yes, most definitively. By the end of such meeting you do have a couple of new contacts if not any learning at all.

“In waves of change, we find our True direction”



Remember the times when it was ~

  • Your first day at school
  • Your first day at New Job
  • You moving in new House/Apartment/State/Country
  • Your promotion / retirement

All these serve as instances of rich experiences which we all have had in our lifespan. They certainly were such Big Changes then but now when you look back most of them  would be cherishable memories.

How important is it to adapt to change?

Now, the answer to this is optional. For someone who wishes to opt for growth, he/she probably will be patient enough to wait and watch as he/ she become a better fit to the system. Even if it takes longer in some instances that person shall strive ~ ‘survival of the fittest’. In either circumstance, one is experiencing a learning curve. The more curves in your life the better adaptability you possess.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills”


Since all of us are certainly going to experience Change sooner or later the better we adapt to it the easier it becomes for our own self. Some insights which can help us embrace change better ~

  • Not being alarmed when we are about to experience Change
  • Having better outlook or perspective to perform efficiently and proactively towards Change
  • Trying to maintain the ‘Homeostasis’ – which is simply the harmony between the external and internal factors
  • Not letting the external factors force you to quit or run because it is surely an easy way out but certainly not the Best possible way.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by Change” – Jim Rohn

Let us try to be positive towards Change and embrace it . For any CHANGE makes us grow within. 

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