BE(lieve) YOURSELF ~ Do you have’Others’on your mind ?

Human Nature is such that we all want to be appreciated and accepted by others, we often crave for acceptance and have underlining desire of belonging. Due to this we often end up thinking of others so much so that we often have others on our minds. We behave or act in accordance of others in order to be accepted .Sometimes we tend to modify our views, opinions just to be accepted by the fellow mates.

The deepest principle in Human Nature is the craving to be appreciated ~ William James

Too much of anything is bad such is the case when we keep thinking about ‘what will people say’. Having our mind engaged in thoughts of others, and being conscious about what will ‘they say’; ‘they think’ is definitely not going to bring any good to our own self.


When people are on our minds, it certainly indicates that we are sensitive about their needs, wishes, and views (which is good, but to some extent) however being afraid of being your own self is like inhibiting your own energies. Isn’t it perfect to belong to the world where we have different people with different opinions,perspectives,outlooks after all who would like the rainbow without the spectrum of colours?


Each one of us is designed to invent our unique ways of finding solutions to the same problem, it is better for us to maintain that or else there is no way creativity could ever sprout. It is important to be noble and to stick to our exclusive map rather than ‘cut copy pasting’ the solutions as it is highly possible that what works for him/ her might not work best for me.

Create your own visual style..let it be Unique for yourself and yet Identifiable for others ~ Orson Welles

Why worrying too much about ‘what others think’ is bad for your own self? Simply because it has the potential threat of changing the person you are. At the end, you want to utilize this life time to be YOU, to express yourself as who you are, (not being Xerox of the other person) doesn’t mean that you should never change, one should keep evolving, growing through self and others however staying honest and true to your own self is imperative. One has to be authentic from within in order to be functioning at optimum best or else you will be mentally exhausted being someone who you are not!

Have you tried saying things, doing things, behaving in some manner which you probably will not if there is no pressure of acceptance on you especially from your peers/colleagues or friends? We all have been there once in a while, but has that ever been a comfortable state of being? Certainly Not! No one can fake it forever or else it will be suffocating. It is better to realize that well ahead of time so that you let your soul breath.  We should try to be authentic version of ourselves, so don’t crush your soul, breathe and be real.

One has to realize that in order for you to perform efficiently and to bring happiness to others you have to be happy Yourself. You need to STOP thinking of others if that is something which is forcing you to become someone you are not. Change if at all, happens from within.Bringing change to self to become a better version of your own self is an excellent way of Transformation but being someone else just to be accepted will not make you happy hence not comforting to your own soul.


Real Transformation requires Real honesty. If you want to move forward get Real with Yourself ~ Bryant Mcgill

One should try to have faith in self, being true to self which can consequently facilitate one become assertive and overcome anxiety and fear of ‘feeling small’ in front of others. Believe in self and gradual expression of your own perspective can take you a long way in terms of being confident in life, taking decisions for self or being decisive in situations when there is moral dilemma.

Speaking your heart out brings you Courage in numerous ways like I am experiencing one right now as I type this post. I am sure many of you would have experienced the same. For all others, I wish you cultivate the courage to overcome your fears and never be afraid in being ‘Yourself’.

Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken ~ Oscar Wilde


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