Failure ~ Biggest teacher of all times

   “Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a butterfly.”

Let’s be honest to self and admit that ‘Failed’ is one heavy word. Failure is often perceived as a road block or setback .We either have a hard time accepting it, or we often sink in negative thoughts of ‘why me’?

Denial can help us escape for a short while, kind of buys us some extra time but doesn’t stick for long. The moment acceptance hits, it hits hard! Failure be it big or small, has plenty other facets to itself. Once failed, few of us try to win the battle again, provided we get the opportunity while others just quit. People, who believe in re-trying usually have a different perspective towards failure, may be they have tasted victories over failures in the past; that they know that failing is not the end of the road. In either circumstance they do have the courage and determination to get over the fact that they failed, they put their act together and try again. And who knows, probably this time for success.

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning” Robert Kiyosaki


For few of us, life is more about what others have to say, their opinion, their viewpoint. That’s when we are more concerned about their take on our failure than our own. That is when guilt, shame, rejection come into play. Often we are so focused on others that these lessons of life which could have be easily learned now become so tough as we invest significant amount of energy and time conquering those battles before we address and manage the real problem

Imagine this, you were walking on the sidewalk on a rainy day and accidently you just slipped. The street was fairly empty with no one around .It is very natural for most of us to get up, gather ourselves and continue walking in such as situation. Now imagine the same scenario but this time with a lot of people on the street, watching over you as you slipped and fell on the floor, it will be relatively difficult for you to get up and walk with the same ease this time, as in the previous case. The sense of embarrassment is certainly more active now than in the previous situation when no one was watching you fall. The outside world has a huge impact on us.



The ones who succeed after they once failed in the past are the ones who surely have some better understanding over the situation. They now happen to know one more thing (since they have tasted success and failure both) in comparison to those who succeeded in the first attempt (just tasted success) This does not mean it is pertinent to fail in order to better comprehend the situation. But if ever one fails, it need not necessarily be a negative thing.


“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work ” Thomas A Edison



Let us try to be better at accepting, accommodating and realizing that ‘Failing’ is not the end. Some doors will open, it is time to hang on and re evaluate, re assess and re dive into the pool of endless opportunities and this time be better prepared to handle success or failure for any experience is enriching. No wonder they say practice makes you perfect, the more the trials, the better clarity, understanding and closer to perfection.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” Joshua J. Marine

For people who have failed, just hold on and try to look on the other side of the mountain. There must be a reason why this happened and probably a good reason. Don’t give up soon enough, you are worth trying again and again and yet again if needed in order to succeed because in the end it is between You and Your Soul, no one can replace that equation. If you encounter failure it is here to bring you good in some way, so allow yourself to brace up, try again for a victory close enough, and do not get lost, finding these answers in others eyes.

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” Truman Capote


Don’t give up yet, keeping walking even if others see you fall. Wish you the courage to succeed over your failures. May all your experiences of success and failures be enriching, for nothing works in isolation.


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  1. Thank you for this post… I have failed in life many times, but even if I succeed once, I know that it has come on the back of my hard work, my failures and my honesty…. But sometimes I wish I had my successes without a failure… But such is life

    1. I thank & appreciate you for reading. I do certainly agree with you that Failures do hurt us but eventually help us get stronger on our feet. We all desire success, but most of the times it is ‘well earned’ ~ That’s where the beauty lies.. we appreciate light much better if we have been in the dark . May you celebrate immense success in all your en devours.

  2. Failure is necessary for growth. Challenging as it is, a failure may redirect us, encourage us to rethink our process, or teach us to pick ourselves up and try again. Any successful person will tell you how many times they failed before they achieved success. it is humbling and has taught me compassion for others. I applaud you for inspiring your readers to hang in there. Indeed tomorrow is another day and could be the best, the brightest day ever. You’ll never know until you try. 😉

    1. You have just summed it up all, and so beautifully ! I agree with you every bit. Thank you so much for being so kind. I’m grateful.

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