Keep Calm – An understatement?

In today’s world ‘Keep Calm’ is quite an understatement. The excessive usage of this phrase makes us take it for granted. For keeping calm is a big deal!! Well, if not for all then for most of us.

We are full of restlessness, anxiety, self-doubt, that no matter how hard we try to cover it, it still shows. While some of us try real hard to keep this under wraps and some others don’t give a damn after a point but we should accept that most of us do have bubbling restlessness which doesn’t let us KEEP CALM.

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As we lead through our lives, we are so engrossed to fulfill our petty pleasures that we simply miss looking at the larger picture. What is this ‘Larger picture ‘which they refer to? Is it the potential luxuries we own in life or the asset worth of person? Material wealth or Spiritual wealth? It may mean different things to different people.

Well to me, ‘Larger picture’ is like a third person’s outlook at my Life. It means an overall estimation of the highs and lows I have gone through/or yet going through. It means the Ultimate balance sheet of how well I am doing on the Life graph – positive vs negative. It is mere perspective.

If the goal is to taste peace not only towards the end of this trip but also when we are sailing through the journey called Life, then why don’t we try to take it slow? Why do we rush through things? Why can’t we actively try to imbibe the goodness in the simplest forms and KEEP CALM?

For what matters in the end, is how good we feel as we move inch by inch closer to our final destinations. What do you feel?

I wish the Calm to you!

photo credits : Nandhu Kumar


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