The Little Things…

Miesha Moriniere

In this fast pace world where each one of us is busy chasing our personal goals we are left with no time to ourselves, to even pause for minute, to catch a breath and to realize how wonderful the world is!

It was long before when we used to sit and embrace the lives we had, the comforts, the peace and bliss. As of today, we seem lost in chaotic world so much so that there is no time for embracing the mother nature, neither to breathe nor enjoy the abundance.

Most of us have enough resources to lead comfortable lives however still we lack the ability of realizing it, we keep making even tighter and tougher financial goals sometimes which are even far away from reality to bring us what we want which is, sheer Happiness.

Money may bring power, it may bring luxury however still doesn’t promise to bring us joy.

Aren’t we missing on the Little things…?

Let’s take a break from the daily hustle and breathe, feel the breeze, embrace the beloved ones around us, be filled with gratitude and enjoy these little things which actually make us rich!

I wish you abundance. More than that I wish you the ability to embrace the abundance you’re blessed with!

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