“Que Sarah Sarah.. What will be, will be..”

The future is up in the air, whatever happens will happen. Sounds scary but yet brings some relief, every time we hear it. Immense power lies in positivism, being positive about the fact that the future will unfold itself, that you need not to worry as whatever it is will come ahead of us .

Few of us might say, we make our own future so whatever lies ahead of us is the result of our own actions. In my view, that is true for most of the times however I never underestimate the role of destiny. We play a pivotal role in making our own destinies yet there are times when things just happen – on its own! We may name it anything such as coincidence, super power, luck, destiny, fate, so on and so forth. I do firmly believe that things happen for a reason. I confess I am a believer – yes I do believe in power of magic, miracle, and super power, whatever you want to name it.  It is hard at times to put such things into words. So for people who are believers, “ Que sarah sarah “ brings relief, satisfaction. Not all can be wrong! Things Will turn out well.. It may take long, but they will.oxeye-daisy-flower-ox-eye-white-45901

The other aspect of this is – You cannot control everything! You may create, control a few things or let’s say most things in your life but not everything which happens to you/ with you, is all you. At times it is your circumstances, your environment, your external forces working for you/ against you – can you ever overlook those?

For some believers it may also reflect as, ‘let us be hopeful’. Let there be some ‘looking forward to’. Let us wait for the magic, miracle to happen. Let us see what does the future hold. People like to be surprised. People look forward to see if things work out well or not. There is always an element of excitement for the ‘wait and watch’.

All in all, it brings me Faith, hope and relief. Wish the ‘Calm’, to you too.

“ Que Sarah Sarah.. What will be, will be”

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